Here’s What Clients Have to Say.

Take a look at what Nancy’s clients say about her copy writing, copy editing, and proofreading services.

“Nancy has given my business a substantial upgrade by her professional copy editing skills.  I am now 100% confident in the spelling, grammar and organization of my complicated technical reports.  Her work has eradicated the fear of potential embarrassment of errors.  She is worth her weight in gold—my business could not have expanded without her support.  She not only is a precise and meticulous editor, she is elegant, gracious and respectful in her relations with her clients.  I recommend Nancy to all my colleagues without hesitation.

Judith Imperatore, Transition Specialist/Consultant,

“Nancy’s copy editing recommendations are always eminently sensible. She gives my words the polish they need to shine.

Mara Braverman, Braverman Marketing & Communications,

“As a graphic designer I feel a sense of relief when I work with Nancy. She and I have collaborated on several marketing projects. When creating copy, Nancy is right on the mark for great headlines, writing to the target market, highlighting product/service benefits and creating a strong call to action. When she puts on her proofreading hat, her magnifying glass comes out and she hunts down misspellings and grammatical and punctuation errors.

Whether it is creating great copy or proofreading, Nancy brings creativity and attention to detail to each project. As an added bonus, she is a very nice person who is a joy to work with.

Kay Green, Green Graphic Design,

“Nancy is the best proofreader and editor I know. She’s done superlative work for several of my clients and for my own business. Today, business is all about trust and Nancy is as trustworthy and honest as you can get. She always puts her clients first. She excels at listening to the client’s needs. If you’re ever stranded in a leaking boat that’s under gunfire in shark-infested waters lost on the high seas with a tsunami bearing down on you, everything will work out fine if Nancy is on board.

Chris Amorosino, Amorosino Writing,

“Nancy and I have collaborated on several web development projects over the last ten years. She’s a great resource when my clients need help developing their website content. Her calm, professional manner puts clients at ease. She writes clear copy no matter what the topic, and understands how to make it user and search engine friendly. It’s a pleasure to work with Nancy, and I highly recommend her.”

Carolyn Griswold, Web Savvy Marketers,